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Letter from The Living Room Center

Tim "Santa" Oxford
Windsor, CA 95492

Dear Santa Tim.

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We at The LIving Room wanted you to know how much your generous donations of time, bikes, sleeping bags and other essentials means to the women and children we serve. There are so many examples of how your efforts have changed people's lives, it is difficult to pick a few examples. The bicycle donations have allowed women to get to jobs and also feel safer because they have the ability to get away from dangerous situations more quickly. The many sleeping bags have made it so that our women who are sleeping outside or in cars can actually survive through the very cold nights we have had this winter.

Of course there is also the magical time that you spend as Santa here with our children. The excitement is over the top. The care you take in giving attention to each child is truly impressive. It is an opportunity for these homeless children to feel special and forget, if for only a few moments, the harsh realities of their lives.

As you know, the services offered by The Living Room Center address the needs of the homeless an at-risk women and their children who are living on the street, in cars or in shelters that are closed during daytime hours. Our mission is to ease adversity and promote stability, dignity and self-reliance for women and children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Sonoma County. You help us to accomplish our mission. Thank You


Cheryl Parkinson
Executive Director