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Santa on the Radio

Santa Tim supporters,

Here's what's going on in the bay area.. an interview by Sue Hall with Santa himself. 

Start tuning in this coming Sunday November 13th and throughout the year.

Playing most Sundays on five different radio stations:

109.9 KBLX at 5:00a

Q102.1 at 6:00

95.7 The Game at 6:30a

96.5 KOIT at 6:30a

98.5 KFOX at 6:45a

This interview is posted at 

and is available as a pod cast on

Notable Events

Shopping for Children & Family Circle Facility with Executive Director Cindy Springer and Staff

The cupboard is now full at the Children & Family Circle Facility with the help from the Santa Tim Program!

Lilly at vertex rock climbing.

IMG_4826 (2).png

Lilly receives a beautiful gift from one of Santa’s elves Mark Perine.

Christian is doing fantastic! Graduating middle school headed to high school in Cotati, California! An amazing young man, we are so proud of all of his accomplishments!

Getting Ready for Camp No Limits

Lilly trying on clothes and getting ready for her and moms great adventure to Camp No Limits

Photo #1: Lilly relaxing at school

Photo #1: Lilly relaxing at school

Photo #2: Lilly being Lilly

Photo #2: Lilly being Lilly

Photo #3: personal visit with Santa on a break

Photo #3: personal visit with Santa on a break

Lilly's Pedicure

This is a great picture taking shortly after Lilly received her new legs getting a pedicure which every little girl dreams about, and I personally think this is a great picture.

Pictures from Dr. Kurt Mitchler

These are photos that were sent to me regarding the service above self award that we received on March 22 of this year from the Windsor Rotary international

Lilly's Shopping Spree

Shopping spree to help Lilly and her mother Jessica prepare for camp no limits the Santa Tim program is sponsoring them this year in Southern California Camp no limits is the only camp for young people with limb loss and their families creating a network of support for all the campers is a therapeutic program helping them to become independent

photo 1.JPG


Hi All,

This blog spot is for one of the children that we work closely with through Santa Tim. She recently had both of her legs amputated above the knee and will be fitted for prosthesis in the future.

Please check this out, it will touch your heart. 


Flexible Generosity from the Yoga Haus

Santa Tim (left) and Michaela Codding (Right)

Santa Tim (left) and Michaela Codding (Right)

Michaela Codding, from Windsor Yoga Haus set up a donation barrel in her Yoga Studio requesting donations from her clients for the Santa Tim Christmas giveaway program this past holiday season.
Michaela shared her knowledge of our program with her clients and they generously dropped off items specifically requested for newborn through six years of age.  These gifts were distributed to MCAH Home Visiting Programs of Sonoma County Department of Health Services, who have over 800 clients in Sonoma County.  
Michaela and her clients ARE “Making a difference, one child at a time”

Santa Steve from Stanroy's

I approached Steve from Stanroy’s Music with a need for a used trumpet, which was the request from a young client at California Children’s Services.  Santa had “sticker shock” when I was told the cost was $400 to $800 for a quality used trumpet.  After learning about our program, Steve was eager to help. 
I received a call from Steve four days before Christmas.  Shortly after leaving Stanroy’s, a gentleman came in and simply wanted to dispose of a used trumpet with case.  With time and care, the trumpet was brought back to life and donated to the Santa Tim program and is now in the hands of a deserving young man.
This story is another example of how our community comes together to help those who are less fortunate.  

Steve Shirrell (pictured) and partner, Dustin Heald are as committed to music as well as helping those in our community.  

Steve Shirrell (pictured) and partner, Dustin Heald are as committed to music as well as helping those in our community.